At ImagineAbility, we understand that everyone is unique and requires services that are tailored to their individual needs. We realize that the only way to accurately measure our services and determine how we can improve is to involve the people we support. As a result we are building closer relationships with people, both supported and employed, and involving them in our decision-making process for future planning. Our goal is to empower each person in leading their own self-directed service.

Our current services include:

Supported Employment

Provides both volunteer and paid-employment services for people who favour work outside of the ImagineAbility facilities. The larger community, and the businesses within it, are accessed with people to aid in learning valuable work skills, building connections, and developing natural relationships.

Production Employment

A work environment within an ImagineAbility facility where people engage in product assembly, packaging, and culinary skill development.

Community Leisure

Provides several support options including community access, volunteer opportunities, recreation and leisure activities within an ImagineAbility facility. Each person chooses the services / activities they wish to access each day.

Our Supporters