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ImagineAbility Annual General meeting 2022

Welcome To ImagineAbility

Welcome to a place where everybody knows your name. Welcome to a place where you are valued for your talents, your abilities, and your humanness. Welcome to the ImagineAbility community.

Since 1962, ImagineAbility has provided day support services to adults living with an intellectual disability. ImagineAbility promotes inclusion for all people, regardless of labels and human differences, contributing to a more enriched Winnipeg.

What's New?

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Build a resume.
Find a job. Work.
Contribute to your community.


Take a class.
Explore new places.
Find your passion and discover your abilities.


Join a club.
Meet new people.
Develop friendships.
Be who you truly are.

Live the life you want.

“We are grateful for the employment and social opportunities that [ImagineAbility] has offered with caring and respect to our son and brother, Bradley, for over 25 years.”

The Hurtig Family

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