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To support the aspirations of individuals living with a disability.


All individuals are valued, accepted and can realize their potential.


We will strive for excellence by conducting all of our activities in manners that foster:

Integrity | We maintain the highest standards of professional behaviour in our commitment to the people we support.

Inclusion | We believe in community integration for everyone, allowing them to participate in all areas of society.

Advocacy | We believe that human rights and freedoms are everyone’s birthright.

Independence and Informed Choices | We promote independence as a principle of well-being, fostering personal choice(s) and individuality, and contributing to enriching people’s lives.

Collaboration and Teamwork | We emphasize teamwork and collaboration, working together and synergistically with our stakeholders, developing and sharing expertise, to achieve goals and build mutual success.

Accountability | We value fiscal responsibility, overall accountability, transparency, and absence of conflict of interest.

Respect | We interact with all persons with respect, treating them with dignity and valuing their needs, aspirations and abilities.

Empowerment | We actively encourage individuals to take charge for managing their responsibilities and future.

Safety | We provide a safe environment for working, learning, and participating in recreation and leisure activities.

Transparency and Honesty with all our stakeholders | We strive to be open, honest, timely, accurate, respectful, and authentic in all we do.

Continuous improvement and learning | We regularly challenge the status quo to help secure improvements in all aspects of our organization, promoting excellence and innovation to bring unique and fresh approaches to both problems and opportunities.

Employees Matter | Our staff are the active participants and contributors to achieving all of the above values, and are recognized for their critical role in helping us accomplish mission, vision, and goals.


Over 50 years ago, a group of parents wanted to bring more choices to the lives of their children who lived with an intellectual disability.  This led to the founding of ARC Industries in 1962, which provided new options for people living with an intellectual disability, including employment and recreational activities.  In 1986, the company changed its name to Versatech Industries and in 2012 became ImagineAbility.

Today, ImagineAbility supports over 200 people at our two locations through contract packaging, community based services, supported employment, and recreational activities.  Over the years, the focus has been on business operations and contract packaging.  This still forms a part of our operation but the focus has shifted to providing individualized services based on personal goals and dreams.

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