Valerie loves baking and of course tasting the final product. Today she made red velvet cupcakes with Brittany. They improvised the process by using a pot as there were no mixing bowls at Valerie’s. Valerie mixed it patiently, and placed baking cups on the muffin pan. With cream cheese and icing sugar her father Gary brought over, she “inhaled” the cupcake just like she did with the chocolate muffins she made last week.

“I’ve been really enjoying my time. Val and I built such a good relationship before her stroke, and haven’t really had the chance to rekindle it since. And these last two weeks have helped. And it seems that Val has been enjoying our time too. Whenever I start to say goodbye, she asks if I’ll be there tomorrow. On our walk the other day, she reached back to grab my hand. I’m so glad that I can be there and support her. And help her build relationships with the staff at home. Thanks for the opportunity!”   -Brittany Zahradnik