ImagineAbility Food Service Order

ImagineAbility has a developed a nutritious and cost effective food service that it is offering to the people we support, families, Agencies and Direct Support Professionals. We are also offering this service beyond our sector to seniors, people living below the poverty line and anyone in need of a good home cooked meal.

All meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen located at 500 Madison St. using social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols. Each meal is $3.00. Please check in regularly as we will be introducing new menu items in the future.

Please see button to order. If this form doesn’t work or if you have any questions please contact

Your chef is Phyllis I believe and she brings it…Your whole organization is one class act. I can’t thank Tara Buzahora enough for introducing me to it! And your meals are outta this world! Please pass my sentiments to Phyllis and all the rest of your staff…you just gotta keep and grow this marvelous service…P.S. I still don’t think you charge enough, but hey, I ain’t complaining… I’ve worked with ImagineAbility for 5 years through Ted and our new meal program and chef are second to none!  The meals fill you up and are so good and for $3.00 each, you just can’t do any better than that!

Weldon Rinn