IAI Management Report to ImagineAbility Inc. Employees – for month ending October 31, 2018

  • Due to customer supply and timing issues there was a downturn in contract manufacturing for the first time in some months.

This afforded us the opportunity to look at offering other things people we support wanted to do an experience. Karaoke, Wii Just Dance, weight training, chair and mat yoga, walk and roll, art lessons, beading adaptive fitness and knitting are some of the things people came up with that have continued into November.

  • Managers have started using a person centered tool to help staff identify what they need from their fellow staff.
  • David Falk from Facilitated Solutions presented a session on Stress Management: staying strong (or at least functional under pressure). It was offered to all employees and introduced critical skills and attitudes resilient people draw on to stay functional in the face of pressure.
  • Nine employees attended the two day Canadian conference of Developmental Disabilities and Autism (CCDDA). Sessions ranged from supporting families with children with disabilities to the future of institutions to mindfulness. One takeaway was that Community is right where you are. It is not somewhere you can get too. You are already there (in reference to the practice of how service providers often look to connect the people we support to unknown community places where they may not know anyone in the effort of “getting the person out in the community”). Community is where you are 1) noticed 2) known and 3) missed. Management/staff met after the conference to discuss future training opportunities for the entire staff and people we support.
  • Reeetu C, Erik J, William G, Kari D, John D, Jordan P, David W and Ken B were supported in attending the Comicon 2018 exhibition at the RBC Convention Centre.
  • Maples Home Care invited William Avenue volunteers for a recognition lunch on October 24. Dan L., Annie K, Melamie E, Justin Z, Florence G, Tuyet L, and JoAnn B. attended the lunch along with staff Jaime Rheault, Parabjot Gill and Rodel Ominga.
  • We had five service seeker tours and one service seeker trial in October with two more trails scheduled for December.
  • The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) Customer service standards is landmark legislation that came into effect

November 1, 2018. The purpose of the AMA legislation is to provide a clear and proactive process for identifying, preventing and removing barriers that prevent people disabled by barriers from full participation. The AMA aims to accomplish this through five accessibility standards: Customer Service, Information & Communication, Transportation, Employment, and the Built Environment. Because of the nature of the work ImagineAbility already does in accommodating people of all abilities, it turns out we are quite attuned to removing barriers to customer service. There is some work that still needs to be done.

  • Christmas lunch and card/bonus hand out will be held on December 14th and William Avenue and December 17th at Madison.