May 11, 2020

Hello Friends, Families and Supporters of ImagineAbility,

ImagineAbility would like to inform you of an important initiative led by Abilities Manitoba.  We support the goal of this campaign.  Please help us raise awareness and advocate for change.  Our employees are #EssentialToUs and critical to our ability to provide unwavering support to the people we serve during this difficult time!How YOU Can Help:

  1. If you are an organization, share this information with your staff, families, partners etc.
  2. Send a copy of this ad Dear Premier Pallister via email with a quick personal note that this is important to you to: the Premier of Manitoba, the minister of Families: and your own MLA (find your MLA here: )
  3. If you are on social media, share this ad and ask your friends and contacts to share! Use the hashtag #EssentialToUs
  4. If you have lived experience with disability, are a family member of someone who experiences disability, are a staff person or affected in any way – take a photo that is meaningful to you and share it on social media with the hashtag: #EssentialToUs and tag Abilities Manitoba (on Facebook and/or Twitter). You can also tag the Premier and the Minister of Families.

Letter To Premier Pallister in PDF
Letter To Premier Pallister in JPG

Campaign Goal:
As we see many essential workers being compensated for their continued, selfless work during an unprecedented global pandemic, we continue to see Direct Support Workers who support people with intellectual disability treated poorly, reflecting our society and our governments overall view of people with intellectual disability. The goal of this campaign is to help stabilize and secure the fragile disability sector workforce by implementing a $5/hour wage supplement for all Direct Support Professionals working through Covid-19, and time and a half pay for anyone caring for someone who is Covid-19 positive.

The campaign is led by Abilities Manitoba and is endorsed and supported by the Family Advocacy Network, People First of Manitoba, The Alliance of Direct Support Professionals of Manitoba, Inclusion Winnipeg, Barrier-Free Manitoba, Community Living Manitoba and Disability Matters Vote.

Thank you for your help!

-ImagineAbility Team