Jennifer joined ImagineAbility in late January 2020. Jennifer and staff Tiffany made an instant connection. They started working on Jennifer’s schedules and goals.

It was no surprise to Tiffany when Jennifer requested to have Tiffany’s support when the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Tiffany has been redeployed to Jennifer’s home since March 30.

They enjoy each other’s company and spend time like two girl friends hanging out at home. So far, they baked, dyed Jen’s hair, played cards, painted nails, and worked on crafts on top of daily coffee runs!

Tiffany said this has been a precious time connecting with Jen and learning more about her. She says this was not possible to connect deeper and spend 1:1 quality time with Jen if not for this pandemic.

The thought of redeployment to a residential setting can be scary for DSPs in day services. With a change in perspective, this unfortunate pandemic situation could bring a positive outcome.