At ImagineAbility, we understand that everyone is unique and requires services that are tailored to their individual needs. We realize that the only way to accurately measure our services and determine how we can improve is to involve the people we support. As a result we are building closer relationships with people, both supported and employed, and involving them in our decision-making process for future planning. Our goal is to empower each person in leading their own self-directed service.

Here’s What You Can Experience through ImagineAbility’s Services:

500 Madison Street

Contract Manufacturing

  • Work through packaging and assembling various products for a variety of customers including Vita Health, Coghlan’s, Dixon Bayco, Boeing, Kitchen Craft and Brock White
  • Work as a part of a team on a production line
  • Using machinery such as a shrink-wrapper, heat-sealer (for blister packs), air drills, forklift, pallet jack
  • Learning LEAN processes to help make the work more efficient for us and for our customers
  • Receiving on-the-job support such as workplace accommodations and developing employable skills
  • Receiving personal support such as medication administration, and assistance with eating and personal care


  • Learn and practice culinary skills such as food preparation, food safety, food service, dishwashing, bussing tables, customer service, and meal-planning

Art Zone

  • Learn a variety of art techniques
  • Work with different art mediums such as acrylic paint, pastels, Papier Mache, pencil, clay and many others
  • Take art classes taught by local artists


  • Cultivate on-site and community gardens through planting, tending, and harvesting an assortment of plants and vegetables
  • Belong to community horticultural societies

Community-Based Services

  • Supports individuals through promotion of meaningful community based involvement. This may include recreational/leisure activities, the search for volunteer/paid employment and the pursuit of post-secondary education or retirement services.
  • Supports structured to meet individual needs while promoting inclusion, independence, choice and self-advocacy.

William Avenue *

Community Services and Supported Employment Program

  • Access to Individualized Services which offers a holistic approach allowing you to lead your own life and aspire towards your goals and dreams.
  • Collaboration with your circle of supports to build on what is important to and important for you in order for you to have a meaningful and safe experience.
  • Access to community places and to new experiences based on your interests and needs. Activities can involve culinary, art & crafts, literacy, karaoke, personal hygiene, work experience such as light cleaning, social skills and building friendships, money management, volunteer and work placements, determining personal goals.

* There is a $35.00 monthly fee for part-time service-users and a $50.00 monthly fee for full-time service-users. This is for the 436 William Avenue location only.


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