At ImagineAbility, we understand that everyone is unique and requires services that are tailored to their individual needs. We realize that the only way to accurately measure our services and determine how we can improve is to involve the people we support. As a result we are building closer relationships with people, both supported and employed, and involving them in our decision-making process for future planning. Our goal is to empower each person in leading their own self-directed service.

500 Madison St. Services


Work through packaging and assembling various products for a variety of customers including Vita Health, Coghlan’s, Dixon Bayco, Boeing, Kitchen Craft and Brock White

  • Work as a part of a team on a production line
  • Using machinery such as a shrink-wrapper, heat-sealer (for blister packs), air drills, forklift, pallet jack
  • Learning LEAN processes to help make the work more efficient for us and for our customers
  • Receiving on-the-job support such as workplace accommodations and developing employable skills
  • Receiving personal support such as medication administration, and assistance with eating and personal care




Learn and practice culinary skills such as…

  • Food preparation
  • Food safety
  • Food service
  • Dishwashing
  • Bussing tables
  • Customer service
  • Meal-planning


Learn a variety of art techniques. Work with different art mediums such as acrylic paint, pastels, Papier Mache, pencil, clay and many others

Take art classes taught by local artists.


      ImagineAbility participants show off their singing talents every Monday and Friday afternoon. You will hear everything from smooth jazz, country, old rock, Broadway hits and more! Always a full house, an incredibly appreciative audience guarantees that EVERYONE feels like a superstar!


      For those preferring a lower impact yoga class, or for those in wheelchairs or with mobility issues. Chair yoga is a gentle approach to maintaining a healthy body and mind.


      A process by which our participants meditate and relax in response to the “guide”; either via sound recordings, video or audio visual media or music and verbal instruction. Participants always leave the meditation/mindfulness session feeling completely refreshed and relaxed!


      A music class focusing on rhythm and movement, including: rhythm instruments, singing, dancing and themed music history. Music therapy is incorporated, addressing; physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs through all of these activities. Writing songs, listening to different styles of music, drumming and guided imagery are also included in this 1 hour class.

      Wii JUST DANCE

      Involves using a hand-held remote control to track your movements as you learn new dance moves, following a dance video on the big screen! A fun activity for people of all skill levels who love; dancing, finding creative ways to explore and having a blast with friends!


      ImagineAbility participants can sign up for a manicure on Friday mornings from 8:30 – 12 noon. You can pick your own colours, designs and decals. Put your beauty crowns on and get ready to feel pampered!

      OPEN GYM

      Those with an interest in fitness are encouraged to try out various exercises and start the day off with a boost of energy in a safe, supervised environment. Our coaches can cater to beginner or advanced level participants with our own in house gym equipment and workout machines.


      Our PlayStation III Console has forty different games to enjoy; from adventure and sports, to games of strategy. Accommodating 1-4 players, depending on the game, this can be a solo or group activity.


      Virtual reality (VR) is an experience taking place within simulated and immersive environments that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. ImagineAbility’s VR station is supervised and includes many games that will leave you feeling like the characters are “alive and coming at you”!


      Whether you have a green thumb or not, like to play in the dirt, enjoy a good workout, or know a weed from a winner …..If you have a good sense of humour and enjoy interacting with fellow gardeners, then ImagineAbility’s Garden Crew is for you! Fresh air, vitamin D and comradery are guaranteed! “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”.


      Creative? Love jewelry? Join us in our beading group! We have many different types and colours of beads to choose from.  Make necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, let your imagination run wild and create create create!


      Join one of our resident art teachers in exploring different techniques and medias in art. Painting, sketching, tile mosaics, lessons in art history, and much, much more are enjoyed in this weekly class.


      Themed craft classes are enjoyed by many of ImagineAbility’s participants.  In a relaxing, pressure free atmosphere, artists both beginner and advanced, are guided through a themed project each week. The result is a unique piece of art that can be shared and enjoyed by all!




      436 William Ave. Services

      Community Leisure

      Individualized Services to all people supported

      Providing community-based individualized services to each and every person. A Place where a person can make choices and build their own schedules, activities as well as engage in volunteer placements.

      This service offers various support to a wide range of people, from young and energetic to those who are aging, out of our 436 William location and at various community places. Through Individualized Services, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) work along-side people to navigate all accessible resources, build relationships, promote independence, set and follow up on goals, build individual profiles, and make connections through exploration and discovery in their community through social, leisure and volunteer experiences.

      Placement Examples Include: Agape Table, Sam’s Place, Seven Oaks General Hospital, North End Women’s Resource Centre, Maples Personal Care Home, Wrench, North West Community Club, Croc-A-Doodle, Children’s Museum, and Youth For Christ

      Supported Employment

      This service offers work experiences in the community as well as at independent job sites. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) work along-side people to build relationships and trust, develop and follow through with goals, explore and discover strengths through profile-building and discovering their potential. People can build their resumes and work on job reediness through trainings and mock interviews. DSPs and Job Developers are expected to explore and seek out employment and volunteer opportunities and maintain a good working relationship with employers.

      Placement Examples Include: MB Hydro, Holy Family

      Community Based Services

      Our primary objective is to support service users in accomplishing their individual community goals.  Using a Person Centred approach, CBS provides opportunity for service users to develop meaningful days that are structured to reflect individual aspirations.  Some of the areas CBS provides access to supports in include: 

      • Education

      • Employment 

      • Recreation

      • Life Skill Development

      • Work Readiness

      • Volunteer Services

      • Interest Exploration

      Community Based Service promotes a balanced approach to personal development by encouraging a well-rounded experience. Our partners include: 

      Mooshiro, Home Run Sports, Penner Auto Body, Meal on Wheels, Highland Sport Fishing, Oakview, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Darcy’s Arc

      Our Supporters