We’re looking for your help! Abilities Manitoba is partnering with the Family Advocacy Network, the Alliance of Direct Support Professionals of Manitoba, and is seeking partnership from Inclusion Winnipeg, DMVote, Barrier Free MB and Make Poverty History on a campaign to celebrate Direct Support Professionals, identify them as essential workers and ask the government for a wage increase (during Covid and hopefully ongoing).

There is some financial support for the campaign from corporate sponsorship and potentially funds raised for the DMVote campaign – where wages was one of the priority issues. With the budget, an ad campaign is being planned – newspaper, bus billboards and potentially television (waiting on rates). There will also be a video created that celebrates the work.

We NEED great photos!! The photos need to have public consent for all people in them. In the photos, we would love to see Direct Support Professionals (preferably wearing Personal Protective Equipment) supporting people in all kinds of situations:

  • Preparing meals
  • Eating together
  • Supporting to take medication or tube feeding
  • Cleaning together
  • Yard work together
  • Playing games
  • Dancing
  • Also posed together and smiling, or looking serious, or looking scared together.

Show us what it is to be a DSP!

We’re looking for people who would find joy in hosting a photo shoot together! Make it fun – put on some music! Or dedicate a day to capture your lives together…. Be creative!!

**landscape photos are easier to work with – but we’ll take all that you have!

All photos can be sent to: cschiffmann@stamant.ca